Race to zero contest - HOW TO WIN

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How to win the Race To Zero competition?

At the heart of our Race to Zero competition is one key question — how can we guarantee the success of massive social housing renovation programs while ensuring performance targets are achieved and industry challenges are accommodated?

The competition winners will achieve the following:

  • Energy efficiency: provide large scale, nearly zero energy retrofit solutions;
  • Sustainability: reduce the environmental impact of buildings, find circular economy solutions to waste and improve living conditions in terms of fire safety, acoustics and indoor air quality;
  • Affordability: meet social housing renovation budgets;
  • Scalability: enable an industrialized approach to renovation;
  • Creativity: demonstrate innovative concepts that deliver solutions to the challenges above.

The expected outputs of the competition are innovative construction systems that address these needs and meet the technical specifications we require to scale up to an industrialization phase.

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  • 28th May 2021 – close of inscriptions, subscribe via this link
  • 30th September 2021 – close of submissions
  • 15th October 2021 – end of national judging round
  • 29th October 2021 – end of final judging round
  • In November 2021 – final presentation and announcement of winners